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Hollywild Animal Park is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization with a 40+ year history in the Upstate of South Carolina. Our board and staff are dedicated  to providing an interactive and enlightening experience for our visitors, as we continually improve the lives of our animals in an enriching and respectful environment.

Visitors to Hollywild experience the majesty of the Animal Kingdom in ways they simply cannot elsewhere.  Moving through the walking portion of the park, you get close to habitats housing unusual animals from around the world such as bears, lions, camels, primates, and tigers (even a white tiger!) and more.  The free roaming peacocks, geese, guineas, and unique chicken breeds consider you part of their family as you walk with them through the Park. You learn which anmals have been in feature films from their star signs and learn their native regions and interesting facts from educational signs. Then you stop into the amphitheater for a Creature Feature Presentation during which you learn about the unique adaptations of the featured animals and have time to ask the staff questions.  But the signature experience of your day is the Safari Bus Ride.  After walking past the petting barn, you board a bus painted to look like one of the many safari animals.  You ride past ponds and to the Outback where amazing animals come to your bus for snacks and photo ops.  You see the watusi (African cattle) with horns as wide as the bus.  The bison, and our rare white buffalo, Lakota come to meet you.  The huge holstein, emu, and herds of fallow and sika deer all gather around. As the bus rolls on, you can see “Tank,” our rare white rhino who became a star with appearances in Land Rover and Zicam commercials.  The ride continues to where you see the gemsbok antelope that quite likely inspired the legend of the unicorn.

It’s an amazing day you have had.  We call it the Hollywild Experience and we are thrilled it is one that will provide lasting memories for you, your friends and loved ones with whom you enjoy it all.

But sadly, we’re in crunch.  You see, Hollywild does not receive any operational support from our state or federal government. We rely upon admission fees to feed and care for the animals who call Hollywild home.  When we have a rainy season or year, like we did in 2013, we simply have less budget to work with.  We understand, people don’t want  to get out on a rainy day, but we still have to feed the family. Likely, you know what that feels like – you have to make choices and prioritize your expenses when your budget is extra tight.  That is just what we have had to do.  We have had to defer maintenance and upgrades on our buses for far too long.  We can replace the ones we have with better ones and include one that is handicapped/wheelchair accessible – because everyone deserves to experience Hollywild. But we need your help to do it.

This is a fundraiser, but we do want to thank you for your support, so we have put together some thank you rewards.  Since we are a 501c3 Nonprofit, we can provide you a letter recognizing your gift, less the value of the thank you gift.  Your tax advisor will let you know the portion of your gift that is tax deducible. If you are already a Hollywild member, and your gift entitles you to receive passes, you can request these as gift certificates and use them to  help someone else Experience Hollywild! – Your Animal Park for Fun!  Large or small, rest assured that every donation is appreciated.

If we exceed our fundraising goal, any extra funds will be designated for our Habitats For Hollywild campaign, the ongoing effort to upgrade, renovate, and refresh animal habitats throughout the park.

If you have any questions, or wish to help in a different way, please give our staff a call at (864)472-2038 or email us at  We sincerely thank you for your support!


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